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Dry Tech Light Running & Training Tshirt - Blue Teal Reflective dryfit tshirt with stylish print  - RED Men's Reflective dryfit tshirt with flow graphics - White Ultra Light Dryfit Running & Training T-shirt - Men's White Men's Reflective dryfit tshirt with performaance mesh back - RED



Reflective, Earphone loop, Dry fit & much more....

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Nobi (Ultra Runner & Marathoner, India)

The SPS performed excellently during my ultra runs. The additional pockets make a big difference.

Jeremy Post (Runner - North Carolina, United States)

The built-in tights functioned just as well as any of the compression wear I have. They wick moisture better than my current compression shorts as well. As an added bonus, I look a bit more presentable in public with a traditional sheet versus a compression only. I feel like I got a fair value for my dollar.

Naorem Kumar (Ultra Runner- Manipur, India)

I usually run solo & love taking pictures/videos from cell phone camera which I always carry. Truerevo running shorts provide the ideal cell phone pockets & also extra pockets for energy gels & others stuffs.

Jay Pandya (India's No 1 Amateur Golfer)

The Jacket was super light weight & flexible. Was very useful to me during my golf tournament in adverse conditions of Australia.

Parvez Virani (Marathon Runner- Aurangabad, India)

I've been using the tee & shorts for more than 6 months now. Extremely happy with them & I don't wear anything else on my runs since I've started using these.

Vatsal Bhatt (Runner- Gujarat, India)

I wear nothing but TRUEREVO during all my marathons. SPS Pro & the Ultra light Tee are like my daily uniform.

Sameer Gaikwad (Runner/Cyclist- Baroda, India)

Worn my TRUEREVO's running & cycling. Perform like a charm in both. Love the fact that I can carry my phone in the SPS & take cool pics on all my activities.