Who are we

TRUEREVO makes extreme performance & highly fashionable fitness apparel, sportswear & sports accessories for men & women. Conceptualised in Switzerland, TRUEREVO products help you perform like a beast while looking your best

Our Mission is to bridge the gap between fashion and performance, by introducing products that follow the latest in International fashion trends and are created using Future forward materials,functionality and technology.


At TRUEREVO, we agree to disagree as we prepare to create a whole new breed of sportswear, for the ones who choose. The ones who break the mould and create their own identity. They are a different kind, and are revered forever. Let's add colour to commitment and create a whole new dimension of fitness for everybody out there. Don't follow, don't be herd-cultured.

"Unculture" is a way of life. "Uncluture" is the mark of a TRUEREVOlution.


TRUEREVO is designed to create a disruption and unsettle the sportswear market. It is designed for people who push the limits and raise the bar, on quality, on performance and on fashion. The ones who never settle for what’s on offer. TRUEREVO is the edge of unconformity. It is unlike any other option available in the sportswear segment. TRUEREVO uses advanced technical fabrics with future forward finishes to create a product that outperforms. The advanced features include compact yet breathable fabrics for temperature control. Quick dry technology to wick away the sweat and anti stink treatment to lock in the freshness. All TRUEREVO products are designed and developed in Switzerland giving them a superior fit, aesthetic appeal and an irresistible attitude. With world-class craftsmanship and unparalleled commitment towards fashion and performance, TRUEREVO is truly revolutionary.