Your Essential Diwali Fitness Guide

Hola! It’s almost celebration time and you must be gearing up for the most happening Indian festival- Diwali! It’s the time of the year where people witness a flood of lights, the sparkle of fire-crackers in the air and of course, getting a much-needed break from their hectic schedules. Amidst all the joyous chaos of catching up with friends and family, late night parties and indulgent eating, your enthusiastic fitness goals may just turn into a hazy thought. For most of the people the post Diwali stage is quite lethargic- where the alarm goes on snooze and their trendy track pants and snazzy active wear T-shirts make it to the darkest corner of their closet. This stage can last for weeks, altering a healthy lifestyle completely!

 So before your downward moving weight scale takes a reverse turn, those firm arms give way to flabby ones and your New Year resolution goes down the drain, let’s see how you can keep yourself moving towards your fitness goals while keeping your festive enjoyment intact!


Balancing your diet is of utmost importance during and after Diwali. All the extra dose of sugar consumed during this time tends to drastically bring down energy levels, putting you into the vicious circle of sugar cravings that keeps you dazed for weeks. Organic coconut oil, lemon, ginger, garlic and mixed herbs work as effective gut cleansers and can quickly bring you back to being your active self!

Keep exercising

Staying away from your workout regime for a longer time can put your muscles into a dormant state which can trigger off a negative attitude towards exercise. The religious and social activities surrounding Diwali can be overwhelming but let that not deter you from working out. If you cannot make it to the gym, then spend at least 20-30 minutes doing some physical activity – even better, instead of socializing over coffee and delicacies, you can connect with your buddies over a long walk!

Refresh your workout wardrobe

So you bought yourself new designer outfits for the Diwali bash, the Dhanteras puja and for the New Year get-together as well? While you’re replacing old stuff, you might as well get yourself a new active-wear wardrobe too! Modish shorts with smartphone pockets, bright coloured leggings, colorful tank tops- the market is full of trendy active-wear to keep you spoilt for choice! While the lazy vibe may still be hanging around in your brain, you might just jump out of the bed and make it to your fitness regime with the thrill of flaunting your new fitness-enthusiast look!

Staying fit and healthy is all a game of thoughts and lifestyle. While you get ready to indulge in the merriment of Diwali, let your fitness goals stay intact so that you stay strong and keep looking young for years to come!

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