Why do people join running groups?

running group

Every morning you see a group of people passing by your home in the neighborhood. You wonder why have they formed a group. You have never had the opportunity to ask, so let me tell you the benefits of a running group. By the end of this post, you will be convinced that running in a group has its merits.

  • Brings Continuity: Haven't you felt low when you break your running routine because you were not able to get up in time or for any other reason? Every time you start running, you promise yourself that you will continue with this routine for at least a month. However, after around a week and a half, something or the other comes in your way, and breaks your routine. You feel guilty and demoralized. And you give up. This is where a running group helps. It keeps you motivated. Your friend helps you pick up from where you left off. The group gives you courage and helps you get back on track.
  • Opportunity to socialize: Running alone can get boring after a while. Having some company allows you to talk about your life. It enlarges your social circle and meets your need for socialization. In our busy lives, we don't get such opportunities very often. Most of our weekends go indoors in regaining strength because of a tiring week. We even have chores to attend to. After a while, we stop going to parties and gradually our social circle gets thinner and thinner. A running group kills two birds with one stone. You were as it is planning to go for a run, and now you have a few friends to talk to, at the same time.
  • Makes running exciting: Having a group is effective because the group members tend to innovate the running routes. Changing the running path every other day keeps you interested in the activity. It feeds the explorer in you. It brings a certain thrill in a common experience. If you are with a group of people, you might be more willing to go to farther areas or try a few difficult paths. You may even head to the nearest national park and try a hiking trail there. A running group gives you the motivation to explore more because you get energized by the compounded energies of every member of the group.
  • Brings out the best in you: A healthy competition never hurts anyone. In fact, it makes you strive harder. When you run with the same people every day, your willingness to better yourself or better their previous achievement increases. There is a certain degree of accountability that comes with the group. It is helpful for your health and it keeps you on your toes. After all, the very reason why you started running was to take care of your health. Setting a higher goal each day helps in furthering this aim.
  • So I hope you found this post helpful in understanding what value a running group can add to your routine. Be it the camaraderie or the competition, it is a way of making running more interesting. It keeps you motivated and helps you explore the unknown trails. I hope you find yourself a running group pronto! Happy Running!

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