Unusual Yoga Practices that will blow your mind!

The concept of Yoga is known by all but here are some unusual types of yoga that you might not be aware of!

Each of these gives benefits in an unusual way, can comfort you in not-so-comfortable spaces and situations and can lead you to much better and healthier ways of life. They have taken birth out of the most unconventional schools of thought, always there but sometimes buried in the minds of men.


Hot yoga

This yoga practice is done in a room heated to between 80 degrees and 105 degrees. It may be severe than regular yoga. Greater flexibility, improvements in moods, an increase in stamina and fitness, stronger immune system, weight loss when you sweat are the benefits of Hot Yoga.

However, if you have adverse reactions to heat, are prone to heatstroke or dehydration you should get a doctor’s approval before considering this style of yoga as an option. Stick to regular yoga if not!

 When going to a hot yoga class, make sure you’re well-hydrated by drinking a lot of water before, during and after class.

Broga yoga

Yoga for bros! The message behind this type of yoga is that girls are welcome here but yoga is not only for girls.

This style of yoga is specially made for men to strengthen their muscles and relax tight areas. Broga Yoga offers modifications of yoga poses that typically combine flexibility and strength. A gradual increase in flexibility and stress reduction are the benefits of Broga Yoga.

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Goat yoga

It's more like therapy because distressed people enjoy the company of animals and nature while practicing yoga poses. It may sound silly to you but the founder of this Yoga, Lainey Morse has found that it helps people of Arizona to cope with deadly diseases or whatever they are going through.

It’s therapeutic to spend some time in nature and with baby animals!

Tantrum yoga

Letting out the frustration and anger in a healthy way!

Nothing is unhealthier than holding negative feelings and thoughts in and letting it fester because at the end of the day the mental state of a person does affect physical health.

Hence, here is a type of yoga during which you’re free to let out all the emotions and express them in the form of tears, screaming or laughter.

Yoga raves

Do you love to party? Well, here is a much better option than having a hangover or side-effects due to the excessive amounts of alcohol or experimental drugs.

It is generally like a Power Yoga class; high-powered and energetic. Singing and dancing to Bhajans, devotional songs or even some electronic music!

Parties don't go without food, right? Have an epicure meal of vegetarian food, healthy and alcohol-free drinks and shots of wheat-grass variety in yoga raves.

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Yoga on a plane

Spending long hours on a tiny flight seat is uncomfortable and stressful for many! So here is a type of yoga you can practice during flights to relax as if you’re flying. 

It includes poses that help to loosen up your neck, release tension from your shoulders, strengthen your spine, open your hips, lengthen and stretch your legs.

Karaoke yoga

Love to sing while stretching? Here’s a piece of good news for you, the love of open mics is now brought to yoga classes.

According to the founder of karaoke yoga, Jennifer Pastiloff, “It is singing your heart out and laughing and dancing and balancing and sweating and letting go of all your fears.”



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