Unique fitness activities around the world

If you’re annoyed by spending 45 minutes on the treadmill every time you go to the gym, then it’s time to mix up your cycle! Trying out brand-new and unique fitness classes are a great way to get outside of your comfort zone, defy yourself mentally and physically, and most importantly, have fun! Here are 10 unique fitness classes that you need to try to get your sweat on.

1.Aerial yoga

Aerial yoga is a blend of yoga and acrobatics and enables you to practice yoga poses while holding onto a giant loop of ribbon hung in the air. I know it sounds complicated, but there are a ton of aerial yoga classes for amateurs that make it easy to undergo the thrill of being Superman while also holding on for dear life.

Aerial yoga

Aerial yoga doesn’t just look fashionable, but it also provides some surprising physical benefits. One of the greatest pros of hanging in the hammock while twisting and bending into yoga poses is that it reduces the compression in the spine. Practising anti-gravity strength exercise also develops flexibility and enables you to test your focus and endurance throughout the class. 


In a hooping class, you wriggle your waist and swing a hula-hoop around to the beat of the music. Following an instructor, you’ll be performing fast and slow hula-hoop motions, with a hoop that is larger and heavier than the original toy that you may be used to.



You may have heard of Tabata before, but seriously guys this class is no joke. Tabata typically involves circuit training, in which you give 20 seconds of all-out effort, followed by 10 seconds of rest. This cycle lasts for four minutes, and the Tabata instructor will switch you off within the bike and treadmill, free weights, or a blend of the two.




If you grew up aspiring to be a ballerina then Barre is the workout for you. Driven by classical ballet movements, Barre classes blend ballet, yoga, and Pilates to give you a verve workout that will leave your muscles sore. Barre workouts include repeating a low-impact movement for a few minutes in a row. Whether you’re rising onto your tip-toes or lifting your legs, Barre classes require some serious core strength and endurance. Give this one a go, and you’ll know the pain a ballerina goes through to look so impeccable.



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