TRUEREVO supports the “Save Youth, Save Nation” Drive

Would you ever imagine that someone who is planning to commit suicide is all of a sudden now going to run a nationwide campaign to aware people of same situations he has been into? That’s strange isn’t it? Well, but that’s the truth. The person we are talking about is Rupesh Makwana, age 25.

Rupesh’s dream, right from the beginning, was to become an athlete. But just like many Indian families, his family also did not want him to have a dicey & short lasting career in sports. They wanted him to grab a corporate job and climb up the ladder of financial independence, even if that was to be done with the baggage of unrealized dream and sadness hanging onto him.Thus, he started working for a local broadband company. The baggage however, proved to be a little too heavy for his shoulders. Unsatisfied with his career and life, the baggage soon pulled him down into stress and depression, he started drinking alcohol and having drugs. This led him to the debt of 4-5 Lacs, to settle which he also had no stable job now. Suicide seemed his only escape to him.

With all options cased off, one day he decided to commit suicide and right then his phone rang. It was his friend Manish’s call. After the call, Rupesh’s life turned 180 degrees. The call and the old friend did not just save him but also became the source of never ending motivation and guidance. Manish was a professional athlete. With his help, Rupesh eventually started his own company called “RM Runners Group” and there was no looking back from there. Soon, Rupesh realized his long forgotten dream of becoming an athlete not just for himself but for many more like him. In 2015, he ran a distance of 12 Kilometers in just 42.7 minutes and later he ran for 100 Kilometers in 11 hours.

Rupesh and his team dream of drug free and fit India. They want to open a sports academy for unprivileged youth so they don’t loose on their dream just like he did.

For this cause, they have taken up a challenge to run 1000 kms from Ahmedabad to Delhi.

To know about their route, see the below image.

They will stop at different villages and small towns on their way, visit Gram Panchayats, public schools and colleges, and public gatherings to spread awareness and interact with the youth and people of villages regarding drug abuse, phone addiction among teens, depression and mental health disorders, meditation benefits, and many such issues.

Their schedule is as follows.

     Date                                                                                Destination
19-08-2019 Gandhi Ashram - Ahmedabad
19-08-2019 Naroda
19-08-2019 Pratya high school - Gandhinagar
19-08-2019 Chandola
20-08-2019 Himatnagar
20-08-2019 Raigadh - Rajasthan 
21-08-2019 Dungarpur - Rajasthan
21-08-2019 Shishod - Rajasthan
22-08-2019 Udaipur - Rajasthan
22-08-2019 Tidi Government Hostel 
23-08-2019 Krishna Dynry Hall - Udaipur
23-08-2019 Nathdwara 
24-08-2019 Rajsamand - Rajasthan 
24-08-2019 Rupakheda
25-08-2019 Bherunath Hotel - Dhosar, Rajasthan 
25-08-2019 Bhilwara
26-08-2019 Kotri Shyam Mandir
26-08-2019 Shapura
27-08-2019 Kadeda
27-08-2019 Kekari 
28-08-2019 Indoli
28-08-2019 Digi
29-08-2019 Dagar Hotel - Bhojpura
29-08-2019 Balavala Mandir
30-08-2019 Rajshree Hotel Resort - Chandwaji, Jaipur
31-08-2019 Poata - Jaipur
31-08-2019 Devnarayan Mandir - Kotputali , Rajasthan 
01-09-2019 Janaksinghpura Government School - Rajasthan 
02-09-2019 Bawal - Rajasthan
02-09-2019 Malpura - Anganvadi, Rajasthan 
02-09-2019 Manesar - Haryana
03-09-2019 BSF Camp - Delhi 
05-09-2019 India Gate - Delhi 

 The motive behind this campaign is to help youth fight against drug abuse by directing their energy in the right direction, build a sports academy and a plea to include meditation in school’s curriculum. He wishes to meet PM Narendra Modi in order to discuss initiatives that can be taken in this regard.

We, at “TRUEREVO” salute his spirit and are proudly sponsoring his campaign “Save youth save nation”. In this campaign there are 3 participants. Lokesh Sharma – a medical nursing student. He joined hands with Rupesh for his cause behind this campaign. Lokesh & Rupesh also provides free fitness training to the applicants of Defense or Police services. Parth Patel – Student of Rupesh and Rupesh himself.

People like Rupesh are an inspiration to the nation. We wish him all the very best for his cause and campaign!


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  • Vandana Agrawal

    Proud of u Rupesh…. all the best for ur mission n may u reach ur goal fit n fine… true inspiration for the youth🇮🇳🤟🏻 u rock ….

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