Trendy Functional Sports T-shirts for Women

 Going to the gym, performing yoga, playing sports, doing Zumba or just simply running and walking are great ways to workout. Every workout routine needs a specific outfit, which you should feel comfortable in. Here are the different functionalities of a women's T-shirt, which is not just suitable for workouts but also gives you stylish look. 

 1.Tank tops with back phone pocket



These kinds of unique tank tops come with a phone pocket at the backside. You can easily keep your phone in this pocket while going to the gym, running or any other sports activity. It will prevent your phone from bouncing out of the pocket during the movement. Also, it has a loop so you can run your wire through it & ensure that your earphone wire doesn’t fall out on your run.

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2.Breathable t-shirt with back mesh details


This stylish t-shirt with mesh details in the backside provides proper breathability. And the reflective properties will keep you visible at night. The anti-odor fabric of this t-shirt will not turn sweat into a foul odor. You can wear this during running any workout or sports activities. 

 3.Light Dryfit T-shirt with a reflective loop


This dryfit t-shirt is ideal for the gym, running and any kind of workout. The best part about this T-shirt is, it absorbs sweat quickly and keeps you fresh for longer. It has reflective loops so you can pass your earphones through it and listen to music or talk on the phone while running or going to the gym.

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4.Yoga and training t-shirts with utility drawcord

This contemporary yoga t-shirt comes with drawcord at the bottom. So, when you perform yoga it will ensure that your t-shirt does not go up. And you can perform any asana without any worry. Apart from this, there is a mesh fabric in the highest sweating areas so sweat dries down quickly.

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5. Active cotton t-shirt with stretch

This slim-fit t-shirt will provide you a stretch so that you can easily perform yoga, running or any other exercise. This is made with 95% cotton fabric which will keep you cozy all day long.

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