Top City Destination Marathons of the world

There are hundreds of destination marathons listed during the year: big, small, absurd, ultimate, high level, low level, plentiful, more compressed, with kids, without kids. One for every taste. After all, unlike other sports, running is something that anyone can do, with a bit of a lot of practice. You also get the chance to combine a marathon with exploring new destinations. It is vacation, travel, running and recreation all rolled in one.

The Great Wall Marathon, China The Great Wall Marathon is a tough, elegant and amazing adventure. Since the first race in 1999, the Great Wall Marathon has now turned into one of the most famous marathons in the running world. Over 2,500 runners from more than 50 countries show up in Beijing each year to run the race of their lives on the world-famous Great Wall of China, whose tough terrain is not for the faint-hearted. It’s a yearly marathon held in May along and on the Huangyguan or Huangaya Pass on the Tianjin section of the Great Wall of China, East of Beijing. The marathon features three distances: a full marathon of over 42 km, a half-marathon over 21 km and an 8.5 km non-competitive “fun run” on the wall. Runners who participate will have to tackle the 5,164 stone steps and many steep ascents and descents.Great wall of China

Athens Authentic Marathon, Greece Athens Authentic Marathon is an annual marathon race held in Athens, Greece normally in early November. The Athens Marathon celebrates Pheidippides' run from Marathon to Athens, which went down in antiquity and gave its name to the race and background we now know as the Marathon. With thousands of years of history and mythology, Athens is the birthplace of the ancient and modern Olympic Games. The 42,195m from Marathon to Athens is considered to be one of the most demanding and tough Marathon routes in the world as the course has had a reputation for rough hills and lots of heat. Every year over 43,000 runners participate, and 80,000 visitors gather at the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens. An Authoritative Marathon is truly an adventure that should be on every runner’s “bucket list”


New York City Marathon, USAThe New York City Marathon, is a year-long marathon held on the first Sunday of November and runs through the five boroughs of New York City, USA passing through all of the Big Apple’s sights. Starting on Staten Island, the New York City Marathon goes through Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Manhattan. Incepted in 1970, it is one of the most important and most prestigious marathons in the world with over 52,000 finishers in 2018. Every year 100,000 enter the lottery expecting to get a coveted spot.New york city

Le Marathon Du Medoc, France Incepted in 1984, this amazing event takes place every year in the South of France. At this event, you run a full marathon while sipping wine and stuffing yourself on all the lovely delights France has to offer. You have no less than 23 WINE stops! Routed through 60 vineyards in the legendary villages of the Medoc region, this event attracts the true connoisseur of fine runs.


BMW Berlin Marathon, Germany Berlin is truly a city of runners! The Berlin Marathon is a very popular race that attracts the world’s most agile and most capable runners, held annually in Berlin. With over 122 nationalities & more than a million spectators, this worldwide phenomenon began in 1974. The Berlin Marathon, held on the last weekend of September every year, has grown to include almost 40,000 runners — it’s now one of the World Marathon Majors, along with New York, Boston, Chicago and London. 


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