You’ll probably be able to decide that for yourself after reading the pros and cons given here!

Music motivates you and helps you enjoy your runs more. Research has shown that music increases concentration and lowers perception of effort. Upbeat music helps athletes get pumped up. Hence, you put more effort than you realize, you run faster to the upbeat and loud music and you seem to feel motivated to the pace of the music and all these make you enjoy the runs. Especially when you’re a beginner, music can give the motivational boost that you need.

With that, I will say that you become dependent on music for runs.


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The TRUEREVO 30 second Burpee challenge.
Test your fitness and win goodies from TRUEREVO :-)
It's a simple 30-second burpee challenge to help you understand where you stand. Take the challenge, compare your stats & post it on Instagram. That’s it!
Step 1: Shoot a 30-second video of you doing Burpees. Make sure to push yourself.
Step 2: Post the video on Instagram with your number of reps, & relevant tags & tag 2 friends to take up the challenge next.
TAGS REQUIRED- 2 of your friends to take up the challenge next, @truerevosportswear and lastly hashtag #truefit2019.
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