Summer is here! Are you ready to welcome the hottest months out of the year? With the ever-increasing temperature during the summer peak, people keep experiencing fatigue, dizziness, and discomfort which affects their health. In order to stay fit, it is necessary to take enough precautions to protect oneself from heat or dehydration.

Here, are some tips that will help and protect you from the blazing sun.

Accessorize Right:

During summers always choose light color outfits which do not absorb the sun rays and make you feel light. Apart from colors the type of fabric also plays a major role especially in summers because when it comes to clothes there should be maximum airflow in the body as much as possible. Make sure, you wear breathable clothes like cotton & linen. Likewise, there is a brand NITLON which is manufacturing cotton t-shirts. Those are very comfortable and breathable and it’s a perfect fit for summer.

Plan Healthy Meals:

Waking up after 8 hours of sleep your body needs to be fueled with breakfast. It is the best meal of the day. However, skipping breakfast leads to a decrease in the metabolism rate which has a negative effect on the body. Starting your day with a healthy breakfast is the key and consuming the nutritional supplements for the meals should be the main focus every day. Apart from breakfast, you should plan for a healthy diet simultaneously where the intake of minerals & vitamins should be more, such as fruits, vegetables, which are healthy and light for the body. So, plan your diet accordingly.

Loose 5 pounds:

Rise early to catch the coolness because the best time to exercise in summer in the early morning of the season when all types of outdoor activities can be done because exercising in the hot weather increases the temperature of your body which can result in the heat exhaustion and sometimes you feel that one more step ahead could be your last. So, to avoid this it is very important to do a workout on a daily basis so that your body temperatures are maintained which in turn increases your energy level. Ensure, to avoid the hottest part of the day i.e. the afternoons of summer. 

Maintain Your Hydration Level:

Plain water sounds boring? Try to infuse your water with some refreshing flavors like lemon, mint, cucumber, oranges, and other fruits flavors which develops the taste and tend to make you drink more water which will eventually increase the level of water in your body. Apart from infused water, you can also give a try coconut water which is rich in minerals, calcium, and potassium and helps to get your lost fluids to recover in hot weather. However, maintaining your hydration level is very important not only because it keeps you fresh and energetic but also because it keeps you away from the heat and sunstroke which are a common problem in summers. 


This article is written by Aashana Shah - TRUEREVO editorial team. TRUEREVO is an award-winning functional sportswear brand that makes unique products for men & women focused on running, training & sports. Check it out at


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