Running with music or without music?

You’ll probably be able to decide that for yourself after reading the pros and cons given here!

Music motivates you and helps you enjoy your runs more.

Research has shown that music increases concentration and lowers perception of effort. Upbeat music helps athletes get pumped up. Hence, you put more effort than you realize, you run faster to the upbeat and loud music and you seem to feel motivated to the pace of the music and all these make you enjoy the runs. 

Especially when you’re a beginner, music can give the motivational boost that you need.

With that, I will say that you become dependent on music for runs.

Loads of time is invested in finding the right music because everyone has unique tastes in music. One playlist that might work for me may not work for you and you may even find it completely different from your choice. After you have found the right music, it may happen that your song choice may change according to your mood. One bad song can lower your running pace and disturb your tempo. Do you see what I’m saying now?

Listen to the chirping of birds while on runs

Don’t you think in today’s generation, a distraction from technology is important and what can be a better distraction than nature? While in runs, you may see the rare views around you like cool paintings on the walls, beautiful birds that you never knew lived on the tree right across your house, that you hardly used to notice before while making your way through hectic schedules. This way you will be able to explore the world around you and you won't find yourself swearing at the earphones that just dropped your ears.

Accidents of people with headphones

It is dangerous to run with headphones on and listening to loud music and when you can hardly listen to noises around you. Street dogs, careless drivers, cyclists can be a threat. It's better to listen to approaching cars or cyclists to avoid accidents and you can even communicate with pedestrians and dog walkers.

Running is a two-way experience.

Sports scientists say that there are two different types of runners, “Associators” - people who prefer to focus inwardly during a run and “Dissociators” - people who prefer to spend their timing during running looking for ways to forget what they’re putting themselves through. Well, running without music helps to flutter between both the states. It gives you the space to explore the world around you and to explore whatever is going on in your head.

Fact - According to research, music can boost your running performance by up to 15%! But only if you’re a particular kind of runner. If you tend to focus inward while running, the music probably won’t help you much but if you look for stimulus from your environment, pump the tunes to get over the finish line more quickly!

You must be wondering about how to listen to music while running? So, here is an innovative running gear that will help you to compliment your runs with music -

The Dry Tech Light Running & Training T-shirt for men and DryFit Sports Tshirt for women is highly recommended as they come with an earphone loop at back. You can simply pass the earphones through the loop.

Running and Sports Tank Top for women comes with a back pocket and an earphone loop, and stretch dry fit legging for women has a large waistband pocket to keep your phone safely.

With Shorts with Phone Pockets, you can carry your phone while running, such that the phone will not bounce or fall while running. Now connect earphones to your phone and just run!

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