Running in Cold Weather: Everything You Need To Know!

Winter is already here! And though your inner self would really want to stay inside and binge-watch your favourite TV shows all day long, the call of nature is strong.

Working out in winter has its own sets of benefits - and running - particularly in cold weather comes with its own advantages.

But before you lace up those shoes and hit the road, let's explore some of the benefits of running in cold weather.

Some of the very common benefits of running in cold weather are:

  • Reduction in the chances of having cardiac arrests
  • Fresh air, of course
  • Burning more calories

… and many more similar ones that can help definitely increase your temptation more.

Here’s a quick wholesome guide on what running in cold weather does to your body!

1. You have a lesser chance of HEART ATTACKS 

In cold temperatures, your blood pressure increases and so your heart rate rises. Both these factors nullify the chances of a person having a heart attack in winter. Formal running attire such as dry tech tees, hoodies, and tracks can keep you warm, and can actually improve your performance.

2. You'll stay WARM

Running in cold weather is a great way to stay warm. But the wind will quickly cool you down, so make sure to bundle up! Dress in layers and ensure your extremities are well-protected. Hoodies, tracks, mittens and a hat are a must, as is a good pair of running shoes that will keep your feet warm.

3. You'll burn more CALORIES

Because the weather is cooler, your body has to work a little bit harder to keep you warm. This means that you'll burn more calories when running in the cold! In fact, you can burn up to 20% more calories when running in colder weather. This is a great excuse to put on your warmest running clothes and get out there for a run.

3. You'll get better AIR

Running in cold weather can be good for your lungs. In fact, running in the cold can actually help to clear out your airways and improve your breathing. This is because when you run in cold weather, your body works to keep you warm, which results in more oxygenated blood. 

4. You'll stay MENTALLY SHARP

In addition to the physical benefits of running in cold weather, you'll also enjoy some mental benefits. One of the studies suggested that runners who ran in the cold had better mental clarity and focus than those who ran in warm weather. So, if you're looking for a way to boost your productivity, consider going for a run outside during the colder months.

Some useful tips to keep in mind when running in the cold weather:

  • Dress in layers to stay warm
  • Make sure your extremities are well-protected
  • Stay hydrated
  • Stay mentally focused
  • Eat a healthy meal to refuel after your run
  • Sleep well

Summing it up!

Running, regardless of the location, time or weather, does definitely do well for us. But if you decide to step out in winter, make sure that you are well-equipped.

It is also recommended to consult with your physician once if you have any kind of allergies or symptoms related to the cold.

Happy running!!

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