Polyester Mesh: A complete fabric guide

What is MESH!

Mesh is the revolutionary fabric which was first popular among athletic makers and was widely used in sports apparel earlier. Mesh is used as a part of sports apparel since years due to its fibre content which makes it functional.  The idea of mesh has been around for thousands of years, and almost all other brands have started experimenting mesh fabric in their apparels so far.

However, mesh as a clothing has been increasingly popular in recent years in the fashion world, but what exactly is mesh, and why the sportswear brand has started using it? To achieve the visual identity and structure, this thin, soft fabric with hundreds of tiny holes was freely woven or knitted.

It is a lightweight woven cloth that has a mesh-like appearance. The fabric is made in such a form that it is both breathable and resistant to significant temperature swings. 

How mesh fabric is used:

The use of mesh as a fabric was first popularized by its use in sportswear. This fabric, which can be found in everything from shorts to shirts to sports bras, took the sporting world and has remained popular ever since.

This fabric is widely used in training, gym, or any outdoor sports activities. However, the majority of sportswear clothing in the market today is made from some type of synthetic mesh fabric.

Polyester mesh:

Polyester is used in the majority of meshes used in sportswear and athletic apparel. This fabric is extremely light and has a noticeable ability to wick moisture.

Polyester mesh, unlike other types of fabric, doesn't get blocked up with sweat and is extremely breathable.

Designed for training and sweating this dryfit and anti-bacterial multi-purpose t-shirt from TRUEREVO is perfect for any sports activity.

Characteristics and Application:

With so many uses and applications. Let's look at some of its characteristics to see why this versatile material is so popular.

Mesh is useful in sportswear because it provides good comfort and stretch while also allowing air to circulate and reach the skin, making it ideal for ventilation areas of a garment, particularly those where heat accumulates quickly, such as the back.

Outside of team sports, this fabric's high breathability makes it a top choice. People frequently wear synthetic mesh clothing to the gym, and these garments are frequently branded by leading athletic wear.

Our innovative dryfit tee with polyester mesh fabric is ideal for low intensity workouts like Yoga. The full back mesh construction helps with air circulation keeping the body cool and ventilated in order to perform with maximum comfort.

Nowadays, due to the rise in temperature people ensure to have cool and breathable clothes which gives them maximum comfort, especially while doing workout sessions, and mesh is so far the best fabric to blend with some other synthetic materials that can be used during workouts.


This article is written by Aashana Shah- TRUEREVO editorial team. TRUEREVO is an award-winning functional sportswear brand that makes unique products for men & women focused on running, training & sports. Check it out at https://truerevo.in/

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