January: National Soup Month!

National Soup Month? You might be wondering how someone could celebrate soup month but, the fact lies in that January is considered to be the National Soup month every year. Although soup is closely related to health and fitness especially in winters keeping in mind the abundance of cold weather in January, this month is considered the best time to rejoice and reminisce the warm bowl of healthy soups of different kinds. 

Fact: Around 10 billion bowls of soup as an estimate are consumed every year in the United States.

Why soup?

Soup month being celebrated by many countries so far is because every nation has its own unique kind of recipe for the soup. People all over the world are fond of drinking soup and also the highest consumption of soup is in national soup month where individuals not only drink to keep themselves warm in chilly winters but also make sure to enjoy and celebrate the month. 

Fact: Soup was sold by the Greeks in the streets and their market place that means soup must have been their initial most fast food.

Types of healthy soup:

Soup is classified into two main categories i.e. Clear and Thick soup. It is proven by the researchers that soup is a form of food which is delicious and at the same time nutritious, healthy, and low in calories.

Clear Soup: These soups are easy to digest and ensure that are not heavy on the stomach. It helps in weight loss and solves the problem of dehydration. Consommé, Bouillon, and Broth are the forms of clear soup that are rich in ingredients and have distinct flavors in them. Though the name is clear, these soups never taste watery.

Thick Soup: It is categorized according to the kind of ingredients which help the soup get thicker. There are a few ingredients used in soup like Purees, Bisques, Veloutes, Rice flour, etc. It is prepared by mixing various ingredients creamy, full of calories along with the thickening substances added in it.

Fact: One of the earliest fast foods invented by people and sold in the market places. 

Tips to stay healthy:

  • Soups can help you to stay away from cold and flu as it’s a great antidote used for people feeling sick.
  • Soups are mostly in liquid form so, it tends to keep your body hydrated and full.
  • One of the easiest ways to prepare your one-time meal.
  • They contain lots of immune-boosting chemicals to keep you fit for your fitness regime.
  • As we know, in winter’s people tend to gain weight easily so, for reducing weight soup is considered to be one of the finest recipes where you don’t have to compromise with taste and helps in shedding the body fat as well.


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