How to pick the Perfect Leggings for your workout!

Apart from being the stretchy pants, you wear to exercise, leggings weren't given much thought until the world became obsessed with them circa 2015. Our collection of years-old, slightly stretched-out leggings suddenly felt inadequate. Wearing the right pair of leggings can completely transform your workout! And we’re here to spill the beans on how to choose the right pair of leggings every time…

The right fabric for every activity:

Online shopping for leggings can be extremely difficult. And picking the right fabric can be just as important as where you choose to wear it. Leggings that keep slipping down? The fabric could be too stiff. Are your leggings ripping? The fabric may not be long-lasting. We have a solution!

Look for performance properties

There are certain specific performance properties that your ideal workout leggings must have, like:

  • Moisture-wicking
  • Breathability
  • Fabric Stretch

The first thing you must ask yourself is, ‘what activity am I planning to do’. Each range of leggings has technologies and features that cater to different activities, so it’s really important to assess what you’ll be doing in them before choosing which ones to buy. For example, a pair of leggings that is designed for running might feature sweat-wicking technology, whereas the design of yoga leggings will hone in on softness and comfort instead.

So, a high-performance fabric like TRUEREVO’s dry-fit leggings is perfect for activities like yoga, training workouts, and everyday active-wear. It is:

  • High stretch spandex fabric
  • Dry fit and,
  • Antibacterial properties that gives great support & moves with you.

The Right Fit for you

The way your leggings look when you wear them can play a big part in your decision. You don’t want to be pulling at your clothes in fear of accidentally exposing yourself. One of the first things to consider is the length. There are three main styles of athletic leggings:

  • Full length: These leggings extend to the bottom of your leg. Full-length leggings are a go-to for running in cooler climates.
  • 7/8 length: These leggings typically hit right above the ankle and below the calf.
  • Capri length: These typically extend below the knee, around mid-calf. They provide more breath ability than longer styles and offer more coverage than shorts.

With leggings, it’s important to try before you buy. Your comfort can impact your workout, especially if your leggings are the wrong-size. Consider: If you find that seams are digging into your skin or that the material pinches and pulls, they may be a size too small. Meanwhile, if you have to constantly pull your leggings up, that’s an indication that the waist is too large.

Pro tip- Make it a set with a matching sports top like the TRUEREVO Sports Bralette Top to master the look completely, choosing from different designs and colors to show off your personality and have a little fun with your workout outfits.

Feature and Function:

Leggings have become a staple workout item for women everywhere. They’re no longer restrained to just gym clothing. That said, different features enhance your sweat session, providing extra comfort and convenience based on the conditions and type of workout. 

Safety Pockets

Pockets make everything better, especially when it comes to workout apparel. Whether you just need a discreet place to stash your key, or a bigger pocket to slip your phone into while you work out. Functional leggings are designed with safety pockets along the front of the waistband or on the side and a back pocket to keep your small valuables safe and easily reachable.

Perfect for securing your phone, keys, or credit card- our Innovative Bottoms with Phone Pockets (SPS) are exactly what you need! The 20 cm pocket fits even the biggest phone securely and for includes a quick access zipper back pocket for the security conscious.

Reflective Details

Many dedicated and new athletes alike find evenings a better time to exercise no matter what season it is. Reflective material easily picks up light and bounce it back to the original source, making it an eye-catching feature far more potent than fluorescent colors. Reflective details are great for early morning, late afternoon, and evening workouts when the visibility is low. 


The seams in a pair of leggings are an important but often overlooked element to consider when looking for that ‘perfect’ pair.

Find your comfort

Leggings seams, if not suited for the activity, can be irritating and itchy. Specifically seams stitched with polyester threads & in some constructions such as an over lock. Choose a legging with either a seamless construction, a flat seam setting or with only 1 side seam.

Our Phone Pocket leggings that uses Seamsoft thread & stitched in a flat seam construction, hence offering exceptional softness and comfort for next-to-skin seams. The exposed stitching also contributes to a flattering, contoured shape and the interlock provides extra support to your muscles.

Functional for fitness and stylish for day wear, a pair of TRUEREVO workout leggings are sure to keep you comfy all day.  Finding the perfect pair might take a bit of time, but with our tips and tricks, the process should be much easier. So why not invest in a go-to pair of workout leggings? Happy shopping!


This article is written by Bhakti Mishra- TRUEREVO editorial team. TRUEREVO is an award-winning functional sportswear brand that makes unique products for men & women focused on running, training & sports. Check it out at

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