Give your father the gift of good health

Our first hero and last true friend

To say that the father is our first hero and last true friend would not be an understatement. Our father has not only provided for us ever since we were young but he has also protected and groomed us into these fine human beings that we all are today. While the stature of father is typically not as exalted as that of the mother, it would be unfair to ignore how calmly he accepts playing a second fiddle to the mother and yet goes about loving and taking care of us.

Time to acknowledge his contribution

So the father deserves as much recognition and acknowledgement for being there. And Father’s Day does just that. Oh, and this should remind you that this day of the father is just around the corner. If you’re wondering what would be an ideal way to say ‘Thank You’ to your father, then you are not alone. So what would be an ideal recognition of his contribution to your life?

He made you independent

Let’s take a quick walk down the memory lane. Your father protected you and gave you a secure future. He sponsored your education in a good institute, which is probably why you are smart enough to be reading this blog. He groomed you into this smart, capable and independent young man and woman that you are.

Your turn to make him independent through good health

His greatest gift to you is transforming you into an independent and free thinking individual. So the best return gift you can give to him is his independence through his health and fitness. Give your father a little nudge so he could look after his health, something he would have ignored while grooming you. And when it comes to starting a fitness regime, nothing works better than giving someone the smart kit for workout.

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