Epic run trails around the world:

In today's day and age, running has become more than just a form of exercise. People who love running get a chance to meet people across the globe and get a chance to learn about the new cultures from such diverse countries. This has become the trend amongst people who seek out the most epic runs, the best sights, and the most unique travel experiences. However, running now has a surprisingly gained symbiotic relationship with travel. Whether to walk or run the race below is the list of the most inspiring and greatest running trail locations around the world.

The Boston Marathon:

The world’s most oldest and iconic marathon is a milestone in itself. This is one of the world’s six major marathons which is held on every third Monday of April. No other marathon can beat Boston in terms of history. There is a 5 km race on Saturday before Monday Marathon, which is giving the companions to visit the marathoners a chance to do some racing themselves.

Start: Hopkinton, Massachusetts, End: Boston’s Copley Square, Distance: 26.2 miles.

The Jinshan ling Great Wall Marathon:

The name itself attracts runners from around the world. The fact is that the oldest portions of the wall were built in the 7th century, but it was rebuilt and maintained and it was enhanced in various places. This is one of the most fascinating and exciting places to run once in a lifetime. It is held every April in Northeast Beijing.

Start: Jinshanling Great Wall, End: Jinshanling Great Wall, Distance: 26.2 miles.

The London Marathon:

The London Marathon is considered to be one of the biggest fundraising events in the world. Apart from, fundraising events dressing up differently has become an integral part of the marathon.  London comes alive on this special day to set the world record with each passing year. This marathon runs a ballot system where the subscription starts immediately after the previous year's race for a few days.

Start: Greenwich or Blackheath, End: The Mall, Distance: 26.2 miles.

The Kepler Track:

The Kepler Track is one of the world’s great mountain races and the field is limited to only 450 people the entries always sell out within five minutes from the opening time. The best time for running on this track is from October to late April, but outside of this period, the condition of the racers can be harsh which is not great for running.

Start: Kepler Track Car Park on Lake Te Anau, End: Kepler Track Car Park on Lake Te Anau, Distance: 37 miles.


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