Can you work out with an injury?

You may wonder that how it is possible to do workout with an injury, but the fact lies in that whether you are dealing with minor injury or the major one but fast recovery should be the priority. What type of exercises you should do depends on the type of injury, because the recovery of an individual depends on many different factors and it is very important to consult an expert before doing any exercise. It is suggested to do exercises which have low impact on the injury so that it keeps up your fitness level while healing process. Patience is the key factor to get faster and better results in terms of recovery. Attitude towards injury of a person is everything in the recovery process because staying positive is the best thing you can do while your body is under healing process.

Here, are some effective and low impact types of exercises which will help you recover with an injury. 

Walks - If you aren’t ready for the intense workouts then walking can be the usual way to keep your body moving while recovering from the injury. Walking keeps your body smooth and also avoids from making your body feel heavy.


Go light with weights – There’s always some kind of activity which can be done at the time of injury. Though the intensity of workout is reduced for months or two due to injury, but there is always an option of smooth restart for yourself by doing the things that you are safely able to do. In initial stage of injury it is necessary to go light with the weights because the high impact workouts can be harmful. Stay tuned with yourself at the time of workouts and make sure to listen to all the messages your body is sending to you so that you are remain focused while doing workouts.

light weight excercise

Keep an eye on nutrition - Focusing on exercise is not the only way out to get recovery from the injury. Apart from exercise even the focus on nutrition should be equally important. Intake of healthy food and natural supplements helps your body to fight against the recovery. Energy levels and strength is reduced at the time of injury due to low calories. Make sure your body is hydrated as well to speed up the healing process.


Be patient and remain active – As mentioned above that patience is the key for better results. It is very normal to see changes in the emotions as it takes time to heal so, you should be patient during the process. Apart from being patient the consistency to remain active should also be maintained. It’s important to deal with the emotional aspects of an injury. So, focus on three things has major impact on recovery process i.e. eat healthy food, do exercise and resting.

Take it slow and listen to your body – When there is something wrong, your body reacts in a way where you may feel anxiety and pain due to injury but it is very important not to take immediate actions against the pain which can be even more dangerous. Always listen to your body and find out an alternative way to get rid out of that injury. Instead of focusing on injury, try to keep a positive attitude keeping in mind that you will recover in sometime. Find activities to get yourself engaged, so that your mind gets diverted from the pain. Avoid taking any kind of medications before doing the exercise.

After the recovery always take it slow because if you haven’t active as before than doing vigorous activities can be harmful. Give sometime to slow down and ease your body to get back to normal. Ensure that you increase the intensity of the workout as per the tolerance power depending on the injury.

Get into meditation – This is the most powerful exercise to get your mind and body relax. Regular meditation and mindfulness practice can help the body in functioning as usual and also helps in healing physically or mentally. Meditation has significantly reduce the intensity of the pain. It helps mind and body to stay focus and better regulate the emotions.

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