Athleisure is the new casual

The phenomenon of athleisure has transformed the fashion of the twenty-first century, with people wearing sports-derived casual clothing in diverse places around the world. Styling has evolved to merge the business of casual and sportswear into one which symbolizes its design and becomes an everyday outfit suitable to enhance the look. Athleisure is filling the gap between fitness and fashion.

Training body and mind:

Athleisure goes beyond the skin and makes you feel comfortable and look good by taking care of your body along with the temperature, skin moisture, condition of your muscles, and inner strength. A phenomenon ‘Enclothed Cognition’ says that clothing can activate psychological changes that influence performance and confidence level of the person. Also, the anti-bacterial fabric used in the apparels is used for all skin types and is suitable for breath ability.

Luxury isn’t in the garment it’s in the lifestyle:

Lifestyle is all about accepting the new holistic lifestyle where people mix casual clothing with non-sportswear apparel to make their attire look versatile and enhanced. Today athleisure is seen in a wide range of social contexts and has become a standard form of casual clothing, comfortable fit, easy to carry, and serves all other purposes. Athleisure is the new trend.

A mainstream fashion trend:

You might wonder that how athleisure is considered to be a mainstream fashion trend so far because of its style and exclusive design it offers. Nowadays, people are investing in good quality and high-performance active wear. To keep up with this trend the brands are offering more functionality to the product along with the fashion to grab the attention of the consumers.

Authenticity and Inclusivity:

Consumers are looking for apparel that is long-lasting and has less effect on the environment as well. These brands are focusing on embracing the bodies of people especially women of all shapes and sizes and connecting with the customers to help them build their brand in a more authentic way. 

Summing it up!

Athleisure is changing the perception of fashion for consumers around the world. Major brands have entered the market by offering both active wear and casual wear to people. Looking at the rising trends, athleisure can never fade away because when comfort and functionality are combined to fashion it is difficult to move back. 


This article is written by Aashana Shah - TRUEREVO editorial team. TRUEREVO is an award-winning functional sportswear brand that makes unique products for men & women focused on running, training & sports. Check it out at


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