Getting Super Fit with Animal Flow Exercises

What is animal flow?

Animal flow is a type of exercise that combines yoga and cardio. This kind of exercise requires a bit of grace and core strength. It requires pushing and pulling your body using your core strength on a steady platform. Though it mimics the body movements of a crab and an ape, an animal flow workout can challenge your strength and endurance. 

In the initial days, this exercise could seem challenging based on the fact that it requires balance and mobility all at once. So it is necessary to take breaks in between the exercise when starting.


Get on all fours and flip your wrists around, then lean or rock back and forth. Work through these exercises for 40 seconds each. Perform two rounds.

Alternating crab reach


Warm-up 1- alternating crab reach

Keep your feet hip-distance apart, your hips 1- inch off the ground, your hand on the ground supporting the body with fingers pointing away from the body. Move your right hand and place it midline in front of your face 5 to 6” away. 

Crab position
Make a three-point stance bridge by driving through the heels and extending the hips
three point stance bridge
Bring the right hand over the head with a slight bend while glaring over the left hand.
Warm-up 2-beast wave unload
Beast wave

Start with a loaded beast position on all fours pushing hips back to your heels and your arms stretching outwards.

beast position

Move your hips up so that your knees are fully extended. And your chin tucked in your chest. Slowly roll your spine into a C into an upward facing dog.

Upward facing dog

Again move your hips up so that your knees are fully extended with your chin tucked in your chest.

loaded beast position

Ending again with a loaded beast position. And then repeat.

Warm-up 3- alternating scorpion reach

scorpion reach

Start with a loaded beast position. Straighten your knees. Then slightly bend your left knee and bring it across your body to your right hand.

Extend your arms as you drive your left leg back, bend the knee and open your hips. 

Bring your left knee across your body again before returning to the starting position, then repeat on the opposite side.

Workout 1: Deep Ape to Side Kick Through

deep squat

Start with a deep squat with your legs hip-width apart and your arms straight between the knees facing each other. Keep a flat back and proud chest.

Place your right hand on the ground and shift your weight on it. Kick your right leg through, pointing your toe and pull your left elbow with your palm facing away.

Return to the deep ape position and switch sides to repeat.

Workout 2:crab to under switch taps

crab under switch taps

Start with a crab position. Use your left hand and right toe to pivot on all fours on the ground.

Drive your right leg through it and as soon as the limbs touch the ground redirect your momentum in the starting position.

Switch sides and repeat.

Workout 3- Travelling beast

travelling beast

Start with beast position with elbows straight and palms touching the ground. Keep the knees 1 inch above the ground. Take a small step forward with right hand and left foot. 

travelling beast

On the next rep, move left hand and right foot. Continue to 30 seconds.

Workout 4. Loaded Beast to Front Step-Through

beast to front step

Start with a loaded beast position. Using your feet jump forward with control.

full extension

Forcefully drive your left leg into full extension, toes pointed, as your right arm assumes a “guard” position at your midline, elbow bent with hand in front of the face.





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