All you need to know about Shorts!

Workout shorts appear to be a fairly simple garment, but there is much more to these diminutive trousers than meets the eye. When you're working out at the gym and trying to achieve a goal, wearing ill-fitting gear can only hold you back. However, some elements are necessary for a gym workout to be successful. For instance, a pair of workout shorts. And since you'll be lifting, bending, jumping, and stretching, you'd be wise to invest in a pair of gym shorts that won't let you down.

Types of workout shorts

Having a good, comfortable pair of workout shorts is crucial to having a good experience every time you work out. Most people find the concept of lined and unlined shorts confusing, and most struggle to understand the difference between the two.

Double Layer Shorts:

2 in 1 or double layer shorts shorts are a type of running shorts with built-in tights made of moisture-wicking fabric. It helps absorb and wick away sweat to prevent the build-up of fluid and increase breathability. There are also several benefits to wearing lined shorts:

  • Prevents chafing by ensuring your thighs don’t rub against each other
  • Adds muscle compression in the legs (if compression type lining)
  • Decreases moisture in the legs
  • The lining serves as an underwear
  • More breathable
  • Prevents bacterial build-up

TRUEREVO’s 2 in 1 double layered shorts are perfect of all activities and are available in 5” as well as 7” inseam length. A unique and patented pocket design (SPS) makes these functional as well as fashionable shorts, a must have!

Single Layer Shorts:

Unlined shorts are a type of shorts that don’t have a built-in liner. They can be V-notch shorts, split shorts, and compression shorts. There are a few benefits to wearing unlined shorts:

  • Cool on your legs
  • More range of motion
  • Easy to find the right fit

Length matters!

When it comes to shopping for athletic shorts, you might be searching for the quickest, most efficient way to get what you need. You might not consider weighing the pros and cons of all the different types of shorts available. And that’s why we’re doing it for you.

The length of your shorts is one of the key features to look at when shopping. It differs in terms of where you’ll be wearing your shorts and what type of activity you intend to use them for.

Inseam for activities:

2” - 3” shorts- The 2” inseam is the shortest length available. You’ll find a lot of variation in shorts inseams, but if you’re serious about performance in sports like running, shorter is better. It’s great for reducing chafing and, with pockets, the lightweight fabric helps to stash any belongings, like keys and a phone.

4”- 5” shorts- The 4”- 5” inseam shorts offer plenty of freedom of movement and reduce the weight of your shorts so you can get the most out of your workout or run. This is the recommended inseam length for running because they have less fabric that will get in the way of your workout and will keep you cool. TRUEREVO’s 5” shorts include a unique design with a compression pocket in the double layered tights that don’t let your phone slip or bounce, regardless of the intensity of your activity.

7” – 8” shorts- 7” shorts are the ideal length for most sports and are a closet staple. Quality shorts often have specific design features, like True Revo’s 2-in-1 Shorts with the revolutionary SPS (phone pocket) in the inner liner, hidden key pockets in the waistband, and built-in liners that optimize their functionality and breathability. Activities like Soccer, strength training, or even yoga are perfect for this inseam length.

9" - 10" shorts- The 9 or 10-inch short is a very popular length for activities such as basketball, strength training, and golf. These are definitely the roomiest and most comfortable short of them all, so they need to fit you properly at the waist to avoid a sloppy look.

The perfect pair

While any fitness enthusiast or athlete could wear any old pair of comfy shorts, there are various types of shorts that are suited to different needs and preferences, so finding the right pair for you is essential.

Whether you plan to wear your running shorts to compete in sporting events, for training, or simple decompression and relaxation, a good pair of shorts should be practically designed and comfortable. Finding the correct fit will help prevent chafing, bouncing, and several other distractions that can hinder you from enjoying your workout or run.

In truth, whatever kind of shorts you choose will most likely come down to a matter of preference, as all types cater to different needs. Find what works for you, or talk to a more experienced person if you still need some guidance.


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